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The Full Scoop: Customer Testimonials

With a mission of “providing housing resources with an eagerness to serve,” the stories of our customers keep us grounded. Just like a tasty cup of java, we hope these stories of home, hope and happiness warm you up on the inside.

Espresso Yourself

Thanks a Latte

Cup Full of Love

Perking Up Hope

Perfect Blend

As the administrator of 9 different, diverse housing programs, Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency strives to serve up the perfect blend of quality, affordable housing for Oklahomans.

A top shot of a cup of coffee with froth and powder in the shape of Oklahoma (USA).(series) How about having a break :)

Freshly Brewed

Developers built 267 rental units and rehabilitated 69 more using the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME).

With Affordable Housing Tax Credits, funding for 891 units in 21 developments was allocated. The Multi-Family Bond program made 236 units possible.

House Blend

Utilizing the OHFA Advantage grant program, 876 Oklahomans purchased their own homes, waking up to the perks of homeownership.

Of these, 4 homeowners utilized the OHFA 4 Teachers product, 14 purchased using OHFA Shield and the remaining 858 used OHFA Dream.

In the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program, OHFA closed on 4 loans. The Family Self-Sufficiency program saw a total of 25 graduates.

An Extra Boost

Through Project Based Contract Administration, OHFA monitored and provided payment services for 12,864 rental units in 171 properties.

An average of 10,258 Oklahoma families received rental assistance help through the Housing Choice Voucher program.

Through the Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS program, 179 individuals were assisted with housing needs.