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Tracy and Debra Biddle and their 9 adopted children

Tracy and Debra Biddle and their 9 adopted children

After raising three children, Tracy and Debra Biddle opened their hearts through adoption to nine more.

“When they gave us the option of adoption, we thought ‘that’s a no brainer,'” said Tracy. “I mean, we’d already had them three years. We were Mom and Dad anyway. We were going to adopt these kids.”

Living in a small rented house, they lacked the living space needed for their children to thrive and grow. During their annual visit to OHFA’s offices for Housing Choice Voucher recertification, Debra said they were inspired by photos of happy homeowners adorning the walls.

The front of the Biddle home

The front of the Biddle home

“There were pictures of families who had bought the homes and that would inspire us,” said Debra.

After two years of preparing to buy through OHFA’s Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program, the couple purchased a home with plenty of room for living, learning and playing.

“Finding the home and stepping in to buy it was the biggest challenge,” said Debra. “We worked it out. We did figures on paper to look at the money situation. We put it down to the penny before we ever put a bid on the house.”

While she admits signing the mortgage papers was a little scary, the benefits have been well worth it.

“When you’re cramped into a small space, children are not too happy,” said Debra. “Being here they are a lot happier and a lot healthier.”

Members of the Biddle family

Debra and Tracy pose with 3 of their adopted children

With four spacious bedrooms, three acres, a large kitchen and plenty of living space, the Biddles believe the home was destined to be theirs.

“It was obviously built for a large family,” said Tracy.

The space in their home also gives Debra plenty of room to home school the children, with one room utilized as a classroom.

Each of the children is thriving in their new home. Debra and Tracy wouldn’t have it any other way.

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