Sarah - Enid

Healthy, Happy Home

When cigarette smoke kept creeping through the walls and vents into her apartment,  Sarah turned to CDSA, an organization she knew could help her find a healthier home.

With the help of CDSA, Sarah was able to move into the perfect home with her two small children.

Using HOME Investment Partnership Fund grants from OHFA, CDSA builds and rehabilitates homes for rent, so that people like Sarah have the peace of mind of living in a quality home. Housing programs are funded through the Community Development Block Grant, the Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Human Services.

With its large backyard, two car garage and ample living spaces, there’s plenty of room for the children to play. The home’s location near Sarah’s job and her daughter’s school add to her rental home’s appeal.

Years ago, as a college student with a baby, Sarah utilized CDSA’s shelter program for temporary housing. The kindness and help she received meant she knew exactly where to turn this time.

HOME funds may be used to provide development costs for the new construction or acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable housing; to provide assistance for home purchase; or to assist low income renters. Developments must meet multiple requirements. In 2017, OHFA awarded $5 million in HOME funds, creating 98 units of affordable housing.