A Home Worth Waiting For

Paul enrolled in OHFA’s Family Self-Sufficiency program with the goal of working toward purchasing a home. An unexpected job loss followed by a cancer diagnosis delayed his plan.

After a program extension, he completed his goal of purchasing a home and has spent most days since then bringing in bright colors inspired by nature. He stained the hardwood floors in a color resembling his beloved sand plums. He painted the walls  in tones that reflect the Oklahoma prairie.

Turning 64 around the time he purchased his home, Paul said he is grateful to OHFA and the FSS program for helping him achieve his goals. He never really imagined that owning a home would be within reach.

“Family Self-Sufficiency Program holds out a sense of hope for people with a lower income and in my case older displaced workers,” he said. “You can become a homeowner as long as your credit is good and you are working toward your goals. Even late in life I could buy a house. This is something I never thought I’d be able to do.”

Last year, Paul was one of  228 individuals who participated in OHFA’s Family Self Sufficiency Program and one of four who purchased a home utilizing the Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program. The FSS program encourages financial growth for tenants participating with the Section 8 program. Participants sign a 5 year contract and develop a plan of success designed to fit their specific needs. They work towards the achievement of these goals while receiving support from OHFA and FSS Coordinators.