Deborah Jenkins and Mike Buhk

OHFA Leadership

Board of Trustees

In 2019, Governor Kevin Stitt appointed Mike Buhl of Norman as chairman of OHFA’s Board of Trustees. Buhl follows Dick Lillard of Miami who served as chairman for 18 years. Additionally, Governor Stitt appointed Heath Collins of Tulsa as a member to serve the unexpired term of Debbie Blackburn of Oklahoma City. Additional trustees include:

  • Jeff Scott, Vice-Chair
  • Scott McLaws, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Ann Felton Gilliland, Member
  • Joi Love, Resident Board Member
From left: Heath Collins, Scott McLaws, Jeff Scott, Mike Buhl and Ann Felton Gilliland

Senior Staff

The staff of the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency is lead by Deborah Jenkins, executive director. Other senior staff members who oversee the day to day operations of the organization include:

  • Kurt Fite, Deputy Executive Director/CFO
  • Darrell Beavers, Housing Development Director
  • Tim Shackelford, Rental Programs Director
  • Lee Ann Smith, Single Family Director

This annual report was produced by Holley Mangham, Communications Director.