National Housing Trust Fund provides homes with hope

Just just beyond the hustle and bustle of the city, a neighborhood of robin blue duplexes funded in part with OHFA’s National Housing Trust Fund plays an integral role in rebuilding lives.

ReMerge provides wrap-around services to its participants all designed to help them live independently. Providing a healthy home to the participants of the ReMerge program is a key to its success.

Oklahoma incarcerates more women per capita than any other state in the nation. ReMerge, a non-profit organization in Oklahoma City, serves as a diversion program specifically for pregnant women and mothers who are facing jail time.

“We are always looking for safe, affordable and sober housing.”

Terri Woodland, ReMerge Oklahoma Executive Director

With $1 million in National Housing Trust Funds allocated by OHFA, ReMerge collaborated with CityCare, another Oklahoma City non-profit to build six of the duplex units in the development. A cozy neighborhood comprised of three-bedroom duplexes emerged. The duplexes provides a safe and supportive community specifically for program participants and graduates.

Kylee, a recent graduate of the ReMerge program, moved into a duplex shortly after they opened in late 2018. After battling addiction for much of her life, Kylee sought ReMerge as a way to get her life on track.

“When I first came to the program, I saw the blueprints of how the duplexes were going to look. I remember thinking it would be amazing if I got to live here.”

Kylee, ReMerge graduate

The mother of three daughters said moving into the duplexes meant living independently with her children for the first time. She appreciates living in a quiet environment with neighbors who are also part of the ReMerge program.

“It’s a safe place we can call home. They each have their own space and I have my own space. It’s been everything for us. We’ve been able to thrive here.”

As someone who has battled addiction for much of her life, Kylee said the ReMerge program taught her how to live as a healthy mother. She now works part-time at a church while completing requirements for a degree in drug and alcohol counseling.