Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Makes a Mortgage Attainable

Countless times, Kaylee drove through the neighborhood with streets lined with neat bricked homes. She never imagined she might actually live there someday.

“I looked at it the day it went on the market and I fell in love,” Kaylee said.

The three-bedroom home with two living areas had been totally renovated. Kaylee knew she had found the perfect home to share with her three-year-old son, Kaiden.

“It was my dream home and it was right in my price range. I put in an offer the first day it was listed and got it,” she said.

Kaylee worked with Jeanette Klein, a loan officer at Veterans United, to purchase her home using OHFA Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance. Kaylee received 3.5% toward her total loan amount when she closed.

“Getting the down payment assistance meant a lot. Trying to buy furniture for this house and getting all of the utilities turned on in my name, it was a lot of money at once. If it wasn’t for the down payment assistance, I would be struggling.”

Kaylee, New Homeowner

At 21, Kaylee didn’t expect to be able to afford to purchase a home so soon. Kaylee works as a nurse at a veterans center.

“I have a very good paying job at the veterans center and I am happy to take care of those who have served. It’s allowed me to have the finances to pay for my home,” she said.

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